Welcome to “Ned i Kroppen” (Eng: Down into the body)
As the name suggests, my sessions is about to get down in the body. You should feel the body and for a while park the brain and just be – right now. My sessions bondage experience and meditative bondage, can be described as a physical form of meditation or mindfulness, where I help you to let go of the thoughts in your head, make you achieve peace of body and mind.

Rope session
After a rope session

Do you have a stressful life and need to put the brain on pause? Are you in control at work, over the kids, the calendar, the dinner and everything else, so you need a way to let go of control for a while and come into your feminine energy, so you can charge the mental batteries up again. Do you think that meditation or mindfulness sounds good and certainly good for you, but you can not really stay focused on it and lose concentration, you should try meditative bondage, so I help you become grounded and come down in the body, so you can relax.

Do you enjoy getting a massage, but find it difficult to let go, feel that you still should do “something” so could massage and bondage be an idea, here helps the ropes you to let go, you are bound and therefore can not other than just be and enjoy.

I also offer classes and private lessons in Japanese bondage (Kinbaku – Shibari) at all levels from beginner to advanced.

You can read more about the various sessions I offer here

Japanese bondage is very important in my life – a lot. I spend 1000’vis of hours to tie and teach bondage, Therefore bondage, of course, central to the things I do. That’s what I’m good at.