Shopping rope

Detail from bondage

I’m often asked where to buy rope. There are multible option depending on the type and quality of rope you want.

I often have jute rope of good quality for sale. They are soft and a little less than 6mm in thickness. From time to time I also have rope from nawaya (the ones I use) They are approx 6mm in thickness and excellent quality. Contact me for further information.

Where else to shop: (this is the rope I use myselves) (Very good and beautifull rope. I have used a lot of them myselves)  (Great rope, resanonable price)  (A lot of different types at acceptable prices:) (I recomment 6mm Osaka)

Dare to come?

Drawing: Jacob Pernalonga Schriver

Most people that come at my place for the first time have considered if it really is ok – being alone – bound and helpless – with a unknown man. It is natural to be insecure and feel that it is challenging. It’s obviously something I take care of when you come. We talk together and create a space where you trust me and relax.

If you need references before you come it is of course possible, write here for more information. You are also welcome to call or write, so we can talk together before you come to visit.

It’s also perfectly fine to bring a friend / friend with you.