My mission

Model: Agape,
Photo: Ditte Larsen, Furesø Foto (c)

What exactly is it that drives me to open a business as “Down in the body”? – What do I want with the business? – What is my mission?

When I decided to make bondage to my professional occupations where it has hitherto been my passion and sexuality, so I spent much time trying to find out what it really was I wanted. When I made the decision I thought it was easy – I like to tie and teach tying – so that’s the business must address, but that easy wasn’t it because what was it that I actually like to would offer – and what would I not offer.

Slowly I found out what it really should be about for me was that I like to spread the word about bondage – not just as a sexual play, but also as a tool for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. I have learned that many people do not really know anything about bondage – but they have a picture of it has something to do with with sex, coercion and violence to do and it’s – well said – a very simplistic image and that image I want to change.

Bondage can be a great tool for many things – personally and in a relationship and I would like to propagate that.



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